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When you start getting cramps there should be a big light flashing saying ATTENTION DANGER!!! I really would like to get your attention when we are talking about Magnesium.  Most people don’t really know much about Magnesium and if there is a warning they don’t take it seriously.  When these signals are being sent there is a sad lack of action.  I mean if we saw a red warning light on in the car we would be straight in to get it fixed, if it is low in petrol we are straight into the petrol station to fuel it up. Why do we care more about our cars than we do about our bodies and our health, I cannot figure...

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Restless Legs

Hello Everyone, Restless legs are a real problem and a lot of people we speak with seem to have restless legs. The good news is that this horrible problem can be fixed without chemical medications. Restless legs can be very disturbing, and it can completely interrupt sleep patterns. Due to lack of movement there is lack of dopamine production in the brain and this causes uncontrollable shakes. The solution is simpler than you think. All you need to do is go for 30 minutes exercise (movement produces dopamine) preferably before going to bed and use plenty of Magnesium Spray. Please don’t try to fix restless legs with magnesium tablets or magnesium powders, it simply won’t work. Internally all you can...

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Customer feedback is vital

Many years ago, when we first started working with natural supplements, there were a lot of questions and even a level of insecurity in my mind about the effectiveness of our products. It was always a big welcome to our customers who came back with their testimonials. It was very important to get verification and practically these testimonials kept us going. We knew that our products were working and we were helping a lot of people who were completely lost in the world of health care. Here is one of our latest testimonials. A few month ago we run a special campaign online to promote our RAPIDEZE Spray. There was an awesome response and a lot of people ordered. A...

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