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About APH and our personal journey into wellness

In 2009 I founded Achieve Peak Health.

Although I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams where would this journey would take me or what I was about to embark on, looking back on this now it was such a good decision and was in reality another step along the journey I had been on since my late teens when I first started to take an active interest in personal fitness, basketball coaching and wheelchair basketball refereeing. 

I could see that many people in my basketball coaching, sport and social networks appeared fatigued, unwell and that a tendency towards illnesses and disease was occurring - cancers were much talked about as were aches, pains, stress and fatigue - not just in older people but in younger people as well.

Encouraged to spend more time researching possible conditions and their causes by Livy - my good friend and business partner - who had also had her share in serious illness that appeared stress related and had already committed to living a chemical free and natural lifestyle we both wanted to understand and practice what we now believe to be not only a sensible but essential chemical free approach to modern day living. 

There is no question in our minds that the overuse of chemicals in almost every facet of everyday life is a major factor in the rise of illnesses and conditions that now beset the societies in which we live, and raise our families in.

Whether others believe this or not is not our concern -

Our drive and our passion is for ourselves and other like-minded individuals who see what we see and make the same connection that we do.

Not only do we eat organic food and limit processed and chemically treated food and drink from our diet as much as possible, we have also virtually eliminated chemicals from our daily lives and in our homes.

At the same time, I was looking at the range of nutrients available as health supplements particularly where we thought there may possibly be a link between poor diet and various conditions that we were experiencing as well as people around us.

During our research we discovered an amazing field of energy health exercising and healing in the form of the ancient Chinese practice called Qigong. I have completed a basic instructor training, while Livy pursued Qigong into the depths of Qigong energy massage, healing and instructing.

In recent times we have been expanding our product range to help cover most areas of life with high quality natural products you can trust.

Our flagship product which we proudly formulated and manufacture is Rapideze for fast relief!

Rapideze is a unique mix that is ready to use on the skin topically. It is a highly effective all natural, pure formula with accumulating relief.

Using the power of essential oils that people used as remedy for thousands of years, Rapideze can help, where others failed. 

In addition try our Magnesium Spray that is a 100% natural and pure Magnesium Concentrate containing Magnesium Chloride that is the most beneficial type of magnesium with the highest absorption rates. These are products created from only the purest ingredients.

Our Unique 2 Step Therapy

The two-step therapy and application process is both unique and highly effective. It has been developed over many years of study to achieve the most effective results possible and to eliminate any use of chemical based stabilisers or preservatives.


We have found that topical application of the Magnesium Spray combined with an application of Rapideze Spray immediately afterwards improves the feeling of comfort and wellbeing.


Watch our How to use videos to learn how to use the Rapideze Spray and Magnesium Spray. Watch our testimonials, seeing is believing. 

Please share your testimonial to help others. Please send your testimonial now to chris@achievepeakhealth

Chris de Brueys

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