Some basic guidelines of healthy food

Eat everything organic or bio-dynamic. In the supermarkets, you will find food that is labeled organic or bio-dynamic. You can trust those, or shop in an organic food store and/or the farmers' markets.

This is so important, that Dr. John Bergman, one of the most knowledgeable doctors on the planet today says that "If you don't eat organic, don't eat!". It is best to eat raw, unprocessed food, like lots of organic fruit and salads or if you like to cook do it on low to medium heat and try not to overcook it.

Fruits and vegetables all have different nutritional values when they are raw and somewhat different values when they are cooked. For this reason, try to eat them both raw and cooked. There are many studies available on the same type of vegetables when they are raw, and then what happens when they are cooked.

Organic or biodynamic products are a bit more expensive, but their taste is awesome, and they are full of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and natural goodness, so you will find you'll eat less and feel more satisfied without cravings. Cravings are due to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

The people who argue against organic are not correct. There is pollution everywhere in the air, so even the organic products are not perfect, but their nutritional value is a mile ahead of chemically treated or produced products. If you have any doubts, please know that you need to eat organic if you want to preserve or repair your health. You can also use Nascent Iodine, Spirulina and edible Clays to help with the effects of pollution.

If you don’t eat organic, you have to worry about GMO, meaning Genetically Modified Organism. GMO is a huge subject, for now just note that it is present in most processed food today. I will talk about GMO later, but until then try to avoid it.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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