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Customer feedback is vital

Many years ago, when we first started working with natural supplements, there were a lot of questions and even a level of insecurity in my mind about the effectiveness of our products. It was always a big welcome to our customers who came back with their testimonials. It was very important to get verification and practically these testimonials kept us going. We knew that our products were working and we were helping a lot of people who were completely lost in the world of health care. Here is one of our latest testimonials. A few month ago we run a special campaign online to promote our RAPIDEZE Spray. There was an awesome response and a lot of people ordered. A...

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Why magnesium?

One of our customers just recently called with some questions. We always have a good chat about different health issues and how to improve wellbeing the natural way. After I answered her questions as a last thought I asked her if she still has magnesium left, as I remembered that her last magnesium order was a while back. She said that she still has plenty, and sort of she and her husband forgot about using it. The fascination about the new product has faded. “Wow”, I said. “The Magnesium spray is not something to forget about. It is not something to pick up and forget about it.” It is interesting that we always explain about magnesium and its importance in...

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Why can’t you stay healthy without minerals?

It is very trendy to go a Chemist in pick up a multi vitamin. A tablet a day and it is all good. Wrong! Multi vitamins are very heavily advertised, yet if you do your research you will discover that most of the commercial brands are manmade, synthetic and they contain fillers, preservatives and a lot of other things that I never would want to put into my body. My verdict is that if you are serious about your health avoid those and do your research on them, so you can see it for yourself. We don’t really need to take extra vitamins as we get them from our organic fruits and veggies. Occasionally if needed it is a good...

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