Everybody heard about magnesium, but very few people knows how to use it

Everybody heard about magnesium, but very few people knows how to use it

Yesterday one of my customers called and wanted to get more Rapideze Spray. We agreed to meet and have a chat. He was from another town visiting and he was nearby, so I agreed.

When we met, he explained that a few months ago he bought our special pack that included the Rapideze Spray and the Magnesium spray combo and it is working very well for him. He had a lot of pain in his shoulders and the only thing that is helping is the Rapideze Spray. He said that the specialist told him that he has calcification in his shoulders and he can’t offer much to help him.

I told him that the best way to help his shoulder is to use the Rapideze spray that contains essential oils with the benefit of quick pain relief. Also to start using the Magnesium spray preferably 3 times a day. Use a few sprays and gently rub it in.

The magnesium will help with the calcification in the long term. I have many other customers who use the magnesium spray for the spine, the neck and if they have spurs.

The reason the magnesium spray works well on calcification is because the magnesium dissolves the calcium slowly and gently. The only thing is that the process takes a long time, you can expect 4 -6 months and you have to use it every day.

I still think it is much less pain and hassle than surgery. In some cases the calcification is not enough to have surgery, but still causes discomfort. For these cases the magnesium spray is the easiest solution.

If the calcification is on the limbs than it is important to use the magnesium spray on the torso (neck, tummy, buttocks) for supplementation purposes. 4 spray in the morning and 4 spray in the evening.

If the calcification is on the back or neck, than it is enough just to use it there as that is the torso area.

Quite a lot of people say to us that they have pain in their whole body and they need a bathtub full.

The good news is that when you spray 4 times on the torso, where the absorption is much better than on the limbs, the magnesium gets through the skin quickly, goes everywhere where the body needs it and practically acts like a bath.

However, you must remember that you need to use the magnesium every single day and not only when you have cramps, as the body doesn’t store magnesium.

Magnesium is the master mineral for the body. It works with over 300 biological processes and over 325 active enzymes. Magnesium regulates potassium. It help cellular detoxification and has strong excretory effect on toxins and stagnant energies stuck in the tissues of the body.

Hundred years ago it was in the soil and hence in the food grown, so there was need for magnesium or minerals  supplementation. Today the soil is depleted, treated with chemicals and food processing destroys most natural minerals including magnesium and that is why we need to supplement.

The biggest depletor of daily magnesium supplies is STRESS!

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