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The secret to a healthy life is more simple than you think

I promised to explain about a well kept secret that can help you to be healthy naturally. It is very simple, yet very few people know about this. When I found out about it, I was kicking myself that I didn’t know this sooner. All the physical and emotional pain I could have avoided in my life. When you hear this I hope you will start, as later is better than never. Let me explain. No matter what creed or race you are, the human body always has the same components and it functions according to the same blue print. The only one way to regulate and keep the body healthy is by what we eat and drink. Since we...

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Did you know a gallbladder won’t grow back?

You may wonder what a gallbladder has to do with natural good health. Although the gallbladder is a very small organ, it has a very important part in braking down fats. I recently noticed that according to doctors if the gallbladder giving people trouble, they recommend to simply remove it. Wrong! With the right kind of diet gallbladder problems can be avoided and gallstones eliminated naturally. One of clients went for a chiropractic treatment and from the xrays, the chiropractor discovered that she had gallstones. Although it wasn’t giving her trouble the best course of action was to get rid of the gallstones and not the gallbladder. She went on a special diet and some herbal medicine and in 3...

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50% of children are Autistic?

Today, we not only have the sickest adults in history, but now we have the sickest children. Why is this epidemic happening in the age of science? Don’t have to go very far. When next time you go to a restaurant, have a look at the menu for children. You will find deep friend food, chips and baby burgers to wash it down with a high sugar content soft drink. This kind of food is the treat for our children. If they deserve a reward, let’s take them to McDonalds. Children are little human beings and they have the same body composition as adults. In fact their body is more fragile and more sensitive. Feeding them with highly processed food,...

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15 Thousand years old essential oils

15 Thousand years old essential oils Most people have heard of essential oils and the most popular use is in burners, evaporator and ionisers, candles and natural perfumes (not synthetic man made perfumes). Very few people know, that essential oils have been used as medicine for around 15 thousand years by the ancient Sumerians. From here the knowledge continued to Ayurvedic medicine and eventually spread all over the world. Essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the oils in the plants. Only one drop of oils can contain the power of multiple plants. Once the plants are distilled with steam (best method) the oils contain the smell and the medicinal and therapeutic characteristics of the plant. The most popular...

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