White rice: yes or no?

One of my friends, Mark who is a wonderful person always uses natural remedies and eats organic food.

He told me the other day that he is really bored with the food he is eating. Always the same. This was interesting as I had exactly the same thought recently. Always the same kind of food. It is pure organic food, but it is good to have something different time to time.

We shared some recipes and now we both added something new a delightfully different to our menus.

I will share with you today about an ingredient that a lot of people don’t regard healthy and they simply miss it from their menu. There is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about this food, mainly incorrect media advertising.

It is white rice.

That’s right, you read it correctly. Not brown rice, but organic white rice.

A lot of healthy people won’t eat rice at all in the Western world and if they eat rice, they eat brown rice. Why? Because somebody said so and the information spread.

Well the news is, that if you have a choice, don’t eat brown rice as it is not as good for you as you thought. However, it is definitely beneficial to add some organic white rice to your list.

I came across this information during my nutrition studies and found scientific evidence from several authentic sources. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the chemical composition of white rice and why it is good for the body. You can always do your own research.

What type of white rice?

The best is organic Jasmine or Basmati rice. These are readily available now even in the supermarkets, especially in Woolworth.

How to prepare the organic white rice?

Make sure you wash the rice twice in pure water. Use 1 cup of rice with 1.5 cups of water. Add some Himalayan salt, bring it to boil, then turn the heat down and simmer it for 20 minutes and there you go. You have a very satisfying addition to the food you eat.

For many years I didn’t touch white rice. I mainly follow Paleo eating habits with lesser portions of meat. When I found the new information, I added white rice to my menu and I really enjoy it.

Please share some of your healthy recipes with us.

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