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What about a really nice warming healthy soup?

I just happened to go through my freezer the other day and discovered I had some frozen veggies.  As I pulled them out of the freezer I thought, ‘what am I going to do with them?’ Then I had a memory flashback of somebody recommending some nice stews for a cold winter day and I thought I could make a soup. I pulled out one of my cookbooks and there was a recipe for a healthy winter soup. It suggested I could use whatever veggies I had. The portions don’t really matter use as much or as little as you like depending on how many you need it for, or if you want some for a couple of days. I...

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Fruits and vegetables

The other little trick I discovered is that I made friends being a regular customer with one or two farmers that I know don't use chemicals and the produce is practically organic. I asked them which other farmers they know who don't use chemicals. I check this information yearly or even every six months as circumstances are changing.

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Some basic guidelines of healthy food

The people who argue against organic are not correct. There is pollution everywhere in the air, so even the organic products are not perfect, but their nutritional value is a mile ahead of chemically treated or produced products. If you have any doubts, please know that you need to eat organic if you want to preserve or repair your health.

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Magnesium the pain relief myth

Magnesium has been sold by many distributors for pain relief. Is this true? Is magnesium good for pain relief? I have been selling magnesium for around ten years and I have tens of thousands of customers who bought magnesium from me and become a regular user. I have been using magnesium for around the same amount of time myself and I have not only been selling it but I am a lifetime member with Dr Mark Sircus, the true ‘magnesium man’. Dr Sircus was one of the first to introduce transdermal magnesium therapy to the Western World. He has written two major books about magnesium and its benefits. He also provided over 500 articles published by scientific research institutions and...

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