Magnesium the pain relief myth

Magnesium has been sold by many distributors for pain relief. Is this true?

Is magnesium good for pain relief?

I have been selling magnesium for around ten years and I have tens of thousands of customers who bought magnesium from me and become a regular user.

I have been using magnesium for around the same amount of time myself and I have not only been selling it but I am a lifetime member with Dr Mark Sircus, the true ‘magnesium man’.

Dr Sircus was one of the first to introduce transdermal magnesium therapy to the Western World. He has written two major books about magnesium and its benefits. He also provided over 500 articles published by scientific research institutions and universities about what magnesium actually does in the human body.

I have written dozens of articles about magnesium myself, but I never discussed the pain-relieving aspects of magnesium.

As I mentioned I distribute a very pure Magnesium Concentrate Spray that I proudly manufacture, and I guarantee high quality without any kind of additions. I also formulate and manufacture Rapideze that is formulated with essential oils that are known and used for pain relief. I recommend the two products be used together for pain relief as a Two Step Therapy.

Why do you think that is?

If I only sold magnesium for pain relief, I would have a lot of very unhappy customers who would never want to repeat their purchase.

From experience I can testify that magnesium is not for pain relief. However, when I say this, I know that some people who are reading this article will disagree with me and they are correct.

Magnesium does work with certain kinds of painful conditions. Magnesium not only helps with certain pains but it also is an excellent remedy for certain problems that doctors can’t help with. For example, frozen shoulders.

Frozen shoulders become an epidemic and a lot of people suffer from this very hindering condition. Doctors only try to treat it with cortisone injections that may or may not work, but at the same time loads the body with terrible synthetic chemicals, which are very difficult to get out of the body. This condition can last for years and causes a lot of discomfort and limited mobility.

Using the Magnesium Concentrate Spray can cut this time only to several months and magnesium does not have side effects and is super good for your body.

Here is the verdict if magnesium is good for pain relief or not.

If your body has enough magnesium to start with and this level drops suddenly due to extreme stress and/or workload on the body and if you experience some muscle aches, then very likely using magnesium will stop the pain.

Saying this I experienced customers having fast pain relief from magnesium in the past.

For a lot more detail please read articles on magnesium from Dr Mark Sircus.

Until next time…have a great day

Chris de Brueys


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