Why we use Banksia Diffuser Pods

Banksia Diffuser Pods are a natural diffuser that will last for a lifetime. They will not break down and there is no need for water, flames or electricity.

Where do they come from?
The Banksia tree grows native in Western Australia. When there is fire the Banksia seed opens and releases the pod. Each diffuser pod is handcrafted from this pod and due to its totally natural origin each pod is slightly unique in size, shape and even little bits of fur on the sides.

How do they work?
In the top of each pod is a hole in which you put 10 – 15 drops of your favourite essential oil, this immediately starts to diffuse. Due to the seed pods porous nature the oil soaks through the wood in the pod. Each pod needs to be topped up only as often as you’d like (roughly once a week is a good routine) depending on how strong you wish the scent to be.

What are the benefits?
The benefits really come down to what are you trying to achieve? There is no noise, no mess due to no water, no electricity and no flames. They are small, light and portable, can be used anywhere and anytime and will never break down or turn itself off. Use them in your bathroom to eliminate odours, your bedroom to help with sleep, in your office to help with concentration, in your car to help keep you going on those long drives. Many more uses come to mind for these pods.

Once you have your pod all that’s left is to choose the oil or blend. It is best to use to use one oil per pod, and many people buy one pod for each room or place they intend to use them. They are a great gift idea and have a natural ‘cuteness’ about them.

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