The basic principles of good health

It is very important to look at your stress levels, your emotional health, physical activities and what kind and quality of food you eat. 

Sickness and disease have some major reasons and it is not too hard to figure out the reasons once you have the knowledge.  To avoid or treat the disease you need to eat the right food: 95% of disease comes from poor eating habits, environmental pollution and overwhelming emotions. Due to the environmental pollution, most people are magnesium deficient, so the right type of magnesium supplementation is key. See Transdermal Magnesium .

Aim to get most of your nutrition from organic and pure food and not from supplements and artificial vitamins.

“Eat organic or bio-dynamic food or don’t eat!” Dr. John Bergman

Not eating healthy food and suffering from magnesium deficiency results in chemical, physical and emotional stress that affects the nervous system, which creates ill health.

There are many arguments about what to eat exactly. There are many people who eat meat and recommend paleo and there are many who are vegetarian, vegan or fruitarian, etc.

Under normal circumstances, the most suitable food for humans would be mainly fruits and seeds. But we live far from ideal conditions and under the current lifestyle, it is advised to include some organic animal meat time to time.

Many people substitute organic dairy with coconut. Most authentic paleo cuisines will have that.

Use herb teas, natural and organic supplements and skin care. Use natural and chemical free cleaning products. If you live near to an awesome health food store you are in luck. You will be able to get most things there. Although even in the health food stores, I always check labels as many stores seem to market products that I would not eat or use.

Exercises and meditate daily. 

Sleep around 7 -8 hours.

Laugh as much as you can!!!

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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