Magnesium Spray 125ml- Use once daily, 3 month supply

Magnesium Spray 125ml- Use once daily, 3 month supply

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Our Magnesium Spray is a concentrate. 100% pure Magnesium Chloride in liquid form. It has been desingned to be used on the skin. All you need is 4 sprays in the morning and if you had a lot of stress during your day, use another 4 sprays in the evening.

For better sleep, spray a couple of times on the top of your feet and gently rub it in before going to sleep.

Magnesium is the MASTER MINERAL for the body.

It works with over 300  biological processes and over 325 active enzymes.  To get enough magnesium into our body most effectively we need to do it transdermally (through the skin) as the digestive system CAN NOT handle enough magnesium.  That is why magnesium tablets or powders will not be enough.  We need to use magnesium supplementation daily as the body does not store magnesium and it needs to be replaced daily.  It has no side effects, does not interfere with medication. It is the strongest natural anti-inflammatory.  If you want to be healthier and feel better you need transdermal magnesium daily.

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