Ace Bio Water Filter Jug

Ace Bio Water Filter Jug

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The culmination of 40 years of research and experience of world leading scientists in water filtration.

Featuring an unmatched 10 stages of sterilising, filtration and activation ordinary tap water becomes great tasting, alkalized, energised, magnetised and ionised mineral water.
Filtering out: sediment, rust, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and fluoride.

Great for home or travel.
Removes up to 99% of fluoride, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria
Turns tap water into alkaline mineral water adding around 60 Bio organic trace minerals.
Organic  Germanium
Clean, fresh, great tasting water.
Economical and easy – avoid expensive bottled waters
24 months worth of filters included and has replaceable filter cartridges.
No electricity or tap connection required.
BPA free materials.

By using a quality water filter you can fill a water bottle at home and save hundreds of dollars on expensive bottled water.

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