Why magnesium?

One of our customers just recently called with some questions. We always have a good chat about different health issues and how to improve wellbeing the natural way.

After I answered her questions as a last thought I asked her if she still has magnesium left, as I remembered that her last magnesium order was a while back.

She said that she still has plenty, and sort of she and her husband forgot about using it. The fascination about the new product has faded.

“Wow”, I said.

“The Magnesium spray is not something to forget about. It is not something to pick up and forget about it.”

It is interesting that we always explain about magnesium and its importance in detail to our customers, yet a large number of customer simply forget about it.

Of course we do have a lot of customers who use it every day and always get more once they run out. They always report back how much better they feel by using the Magnesium spray.

You may remember this, but here it is again a short recap.

The Magnesium spray is a new product, before the soil was depleted, the pure soil contained plenty of magnesium. When the crop was grown in the mineral rich and chemical free soil, the produce was full nutrition including minerals.

Today the depleted and chemically saturated soil hardly has any goodness left in it, which is why most people don’t get enough nutrition and end up with a chronic illness. Of course this sounds very simplistic and it is,  but is also much more complex than this.

For now all you need to remember is to use the Magnesium spray every day and not just when something doesn’t feel right.

Using the Magnesium spray on the trunk daily will give you around 90% more magnesium than tablets, which is the amount your body needs to be able to cope with today’s excess stress, pollution and lack of minerals in the food.

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