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Why we use Banksia Diffuser Pods

Banksia Diffuser Pods are a natural diffuser that will last for a lifetime. They will not break down and there is no need for water, flames or electricity. Where do they come from? The Banksia tree grows native in Western Australia. When there is fire the Banksia seed opens and releases the pod. Each diffuser pod is handcrafted from this pod and due to its totally natural origin each pod is slightly unique in size, shape and even little bits of fur on the sides. How do they work? In the top of each pod is a hole in which you put 10 – 15 drops of your favourite essential oil, this immediately starts to diffuse. Due to the seed...

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Years of hard work and study

The 9 years went fast and gave me an opportunity to learn about a fascinating industry, which is natural health. The interesting part that this industry is dominated by greed and deception just like any other industry. You would think that people wanting good for themselves and wanting to help others may stick together. Sadly this is not the case. For most the number one motivator is money and they join this industry as it is emerging and seem to attract more and more interest; so there is a lot of money to be made. I have all respect for members of this arena who do it genuinely out of love and they follow what they teach in their own...

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