All in One Special Pack - Free Massage Oil

All in One Special Pack - Free Massage Oil

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The APH Products Combo Pack is a selection of all Achieve Peak Health products. It includes the Rapideze Spray 50ml, Magnesium Concentrate Spray 125ml, Massage Oil 125ml, Stresseze Lotion 50ml, Skineze Ointment 50ml. 

This selection will give you an oportunity to experience wellbeing on a different level. Our clients report back unexpected and fast results. Essential oils have a multitude of benefits. They work with more than one issue, so using several oils, will provide a multitude of benefits.

The Magnesium Spray will provide basic body balance so the essential oils can do their jobs better. We always use the Magnesium Spray 1 to 2 times a day depending on daily activity. If there are topical issues, we even use the magnesium topically. If you use it regurlaly it will prevent cramps and restless legs. Don't need to experience the painful discomfort of cramps.

The Rapideze Spray helps with topical relief. We have a large number of customers who reported that they experienced help where nothing else worked. Please watch customer Testimonials on this website.

The Stresseze Lotion relax and uplifts at the same time. It is surprising.

The Skineze Ointment works with skin problem and helps with fine lines and skin quality used at night time.

The Massage Oil has a beautiful sensual fragrance, while replenishing the skin with a multitude of antioxidants.

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