Two Step Therapy Pack

Two Step Therapy Pack

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The Two Step Therapy Pack contains Rapideze 125ml and Magnesium Spray Concentrate 125ml

Rapideze Spray – soothing comfort on demand!

APH Rapideze Spray is a unique blend of soothing essential oils that provide a pleasant and long lasting sensation of soothing and comfort around the localised area on which the Rapideze Spray is applied. The oils in this blend have been selected from research based on their traditional uses

Pure essential oils as used in this oil blend are very powerful, and need to be treated and used with respect. Rapideze is a strong blend that is ready to use. Apply a few sprays to the area and gently spread by rubbing and massaging in.

Caution: This blend is not recommended for pregnant women and should be kept out of reach of children.


The Rapideze Spray is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.


Magnesium is the MASTER MINERAL for the body.

Magnesium works with over 300  biological processes and over 325 active enzymes. Scientific research shows that to get enough magnesium into our body the most effective way is transdermally (through the skin).   We need to use magnesium supplementation daily as the body does not store magnesium so it needs to be replaced daily.  It has no side effects, does not interfere with medication.

For better well being use transdermal magnesium daily.

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