Harmonious Nights Sleep

Harmonious Nights Sleep

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An excellent combination of topical application and aromatherapy. 

The Harmonious Night’s Sleep Pack includes Stresseze 50ml,  Pure Harmony Essential Oil Blend 15ml to use with a natural Banksia Diffuser Pod that makes no noise, has no light and lasts a lifetime.

Instead of feeling tired with the sleepless blues in the morning, feel full of energy and ready for a great day ahead.

Simply apply some Stresseze and Magnesium to your feet before bed while using the Pure Harmony Essential Oil Blend in the Banksia Diffuser Pod overnight, may be all you need for a restful night to become reality.

Stresseze Lotion is a beautiful, invigorating, relaxing and uplifting 100% pure, natural and concentrated formula ready to use on the skin.

A formula of 11 Essential Oils, designed to immediately calm and create a sense of peace and relaxation.

It is in a 50ml spray bottle for easy application. 2 -3 sprays is enough for effective use.

It has a surprising fragrance with a citrus impression that lingers into a spicy note. Just simply enjoying the fragrant notes is relaxing.  The power of the individual essential oils also have numerous benefits that may help soothe the body and mind.

With use on the back of the neck and forehead it may help to relieve stress,  calm the mind and unwind.

You can also try it on the soles of your feet before bedtime to help with a better night’s sleep.

Pure Harmony Essential Oil Blend has a soothing aroma that may be effective in helping to promote a restful night’s sleep. The oils selected all help to calm the mind and create a peaceful environment.

In aromatherapy this blend can help purify the air, eliminate harmful bacteria,  improve concentration, increase memory and remove distractions.

Applied topically in a carrier oil Pure Harmony potentially can reduce lines and wrinkles, reduce skin imperfections and promote wound healing.

In a diffuser 5-6 drops is sufficient or try our diffuser pods

Banksia Diffuser Pod that lasts a Lifetime

These pods are small and portable, can be used anywhere, anytime and they are native to Australia. Each pod is hand crafted and has a unique character.

They are easy to use, just fill with 1ml - 2ml (10 - 20 drops) of essential oil or essential oil blend and as the oil soaks into the naturally porous wood the aroma starts to diffuse straight away.

There is no electricity, water or flames required to make them work and they will do a great job anywhere or anytime.

Just top it up when you like (about once a week) to achieve a long lasting aroma.



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