Essential Oil Starter Pack Normally $112.75

Essential Oil Starter Pack Normally $112.75

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Traditional uses of Essential Oils include:

You may well have a good knowledge of Essential Oils or you may want to start your Essential Oils journey either way this pack is sure to appeal to you.

Most bases are covered with this Starter Pack, from the most used oil, the most versatile, a grounding oil, and a citrus oil.

Plus with the Free Gift of our most popular essential oil blend it is an ideal combination.

Frankincense - Therapy for Mind, Body and Spirit.
Purify air, Improve memory, Better concentration, Relieve stress, Better sleep, Grounding

Lavender - Most used Essential Oil Worldwide For 2500 years.

Improve mood, Relieve stress, Soothe and calm, Sleep easier, Improve complexion.

Mandarin - Blissful Aroma

Balance mind, Purify air, Add freshness, Antiseptic, Antifungal.

Peppermint - World’s Most Versatile Oil

Freshener, Heighten focus, Boost energy, Invigorate, Easier breathing.

Pure Harmony Essential Oil Blend – Our Most Popular Essential Oil Blend.

The individual oils in this beautiful blend have traditionally been used to -Create a harmonious environment to unwind and relax
Peaceful Sleep, Soothe and Calm, Purify air, Minimise Distractions

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