Trial Trio Pack

Trial Trio Pack

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A balanced combination of three ready to use spray-on blends to relieve, invigorate and strengthen - with hygenic mist sprayers which the whole household is able to conveniently put to use.
Rapideze 50ml
Magnesium Spray 50ml
Stresseze Lotion 50ml

Rapideze – soothing comfort on demand!

A uniquely formulated soothing blend of essential oils that provide a pleasant and long lasting sensation of soothing and comfort on and around the localised area on which Rapideze is applied. The oils in this blend have been selected from research based on their traditional uses

Pure essential oils as used in this oil blend are very powerful, and need to be treated and used with respect. Rapideze is a strong blend that is ready to use. Apply a few sprays to the area and gently spread by rubbing and massaging in.

Caution: This blend is not recommended for pregnant women and should be kept out of reach of children.


 Rapideze is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

Magnesium is the MASTER MINERAL for the body. 
Using magnesium trannsdermally has over 90% better absorption when compared to tablets and powders.

Magnesium balances over 300  biological processes and over 325 active enzymes. Scientific research shows that to supply the body with enough magnesium the most effective way is transdermally (through the skin).   
Using magnesium supplementation daily is vital, as the body does not store magnesium.  There are no side effects and does not interfere with medication.

For better well being use transdermal magnesium daily.

Stresseze Lotion is a beautiful, invigorating, relaxing and uplifting 100% pure, natural and concentrated formula ready to use on the skin.

This formula of 11 Essential Oils, designed to immediately calm and create a sense of peace and relaxation.

In a 50ml spray bottle for easy application. 2 -3 sprays is enough for effective use.

Stresseze Lotion has a surprising fragrance with a citrus impression that lingers into a spicy note. Simply enjoying the fragrant notes is relaxing. The power of the individual essential oils have numerous benefits that may help soothe the body and mind.

With use on the back of the neck and forehead it may help to relieve stress, calm the mind and unwind.

You can also try it on the soles of your feet before bedtime to help with a better night’s sleep.

Stresseze Lotion can also be used as a perfume, it’s spicy citrus notes can make it ideal.

With regular use it has an accumulating effect so each time you use Stresseze Lotion it’s effect will get better and better.

Proudly Australian made.


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