Autumn Gift Pack

Autumn Gift Pack

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This Gift pack has a year or more supply of Rapideze 125ml, Stresseze Lotion 125ml and a Magnesium Spray 125ml that the whole family can enjoy completely hygienically. Each spray application is like a new one.

Rapideze is to combat all those annoying aches and pains, a fantastic pick me up when tired or overworked when applied to the back of the neck and excellent to ease insect bites.

STRESSEZE Lotion is well-loved for powerfully easing lack of sleep & anxiety. Also highly effective with sinus. This is due to the specially selected blend of eleven pure essential oils..

Magnesium Spray is for the instant relief of cramps and restless legs, only four sprays per day for supplementation or add to the feet with the Stresseze Lotion for sleeping better

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