Large Trio Pack - Normally $143.00

Large Trio Pack - Normally $143.00

Regular price $97.00 Sale price $86.00

Our Trio Value Pack, this popular pack demanded at markets and expos is now available online.

Rapideze 100ml can be applied to all aches and pains, just spray some on the sore area and rub in for a rapid relief of pain. Combat fatigue by applying one or two sprays on the back of the neck and feel refreshed and able to continue, particularly after a hard days work or long day driving.

Stresseze Lotion 100ml is to help you get back to balance during times of high stress or anxiety, a couple of sprays on the back of the neck allows the oils and the delightful aroma to calm and settle you. Spray a little on each foot before bed at night to help ease the body into a better nights sleep and help clear sinus by spraying a spray onto your hands and cupping them over your nose.

Bugeze Repellent 125ml will keep all the mozzies, migdes, sandflies, marchflies and all other biting insects away. If you go out without it and get bitten just apply to the bites for very fast relief.

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