Rapideze, Stresseze and Bugeze

Rapideze, Stresseze and Bugeze are products ready to be applied directly onto the skin.

The essential oils in these prodcuts are very powerful and need to be treated with respect.

Rapideze may help to relieve any discomfort from

Plantar Fasciitis
Back Pain
Headaches and Migraines
Knee Pain
Bone on Bone’ Pain
Hip Pain and many more.

A coupe of sprays is usually sufficient to provide long lasting relief.

Stresseze Lotion may help to relieve the effects of

Stress and anxiety

and may also help with

Lift Moods
Easier relaxation
Better Sleep
Clearing Sinus


Bugeze Repellent is designed to help with

Repelling Mosquitoes, Sandflies and Midges
Also work as an After Bite relief
Moisturise and nourish the Skin

All bottles are 100% BPA free and recyclable.

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