Magnesium has come the forefront in recent years as it becoming more apparent that Magnesium plays a critical role in health that has been overlooked until recently.

Magnesium is vital for over 325 active enzymes and over 300 biological functions to operate correctly. When there is insufficient Magnesium in the blood to supply these enzymes the body will pull Magnesium from the bones, tissues, muscles and organs wherever some spare Magnesium can be found. Unfortunately Magnesium is kept in these areas for a reason and the “borrowing” process has  long term issues.

Transdermal (through the skin) supplementation is far more efficient for the body compared to oral supplements. Oral supplements get watered down due to stomach acids and digestive enzymes, the body only absorbs between 6% and 10%. If excessive Magnesium is taken orally and overloads the stomach, this will cause a laxative effect.

Transdermal application absorption levels are between 90% and 98%. When Magnesium is supplemented by applying on the skin it bypasses the digestive system straight into the blood stream.

Most common uses for topical application of Magnesium include…

Instant relief of cramps
Instant relief of Restless Legs
Relax muscles after hard workout
Improving sleep

Other benefits include…

Regulate Blood Pressure
Regulate Insulin Production
Relieve Stress and Anxiety
Thyroid Function
Absorb calcium into bones helping with Osteoporosis.
Help to manage ADHD and many more.

Multiple books have been written and many scientific studies done on the many benefits of Magnesium.

Applying Magnesium Chloride on the skin daily provides supplementation at levels that are unattainable through dietary means or oral supplementation. 

All bottles are 100% BPA free and recyclable. 

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