Why natural health is so important to me

After many years of trying many different things without much direction about 9 years ago I found my motivation. Through some friends I’ve got inspired about natural health.

Over the years I learned a tonne of things. I must report that I discovered that about 85% of people have no idea about healthy living. They don’t know what to eat or drink, how to exercise and how to breathe.

When they get sick they run to their doctor and blindly stuff themselves with chemical medications mostly ignoring side effects. They don’t do any research and they wonder why their life is full of fear, depression, addictions and pain.

The world “stress” is everywhere, but very few know about the emotional, physical and chemical aspects of stress and it’s real effect on the body and it’s bio-chemical functions.

In general people are not happy, live in fear and pain and expect old age that is far from happiness and joy.

In my articles I will share about my life, the things I learnt and the way I live today a healthy, happy and interesting life. I will share streetwise ideas about healthy living in a stressful and polluted world.

Meanwhile if you have any questions, please ask as I will focus my next article on the relevant topic.

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