What’s the talk about pork?

For many years I was wondering why most of the major religions forbid eating pork meat. There are many articles available online that approve pork as healthy.

In all honesty I got a bit shocked when I read an article published by Dr Axe. It is worthwhile reading it. Him and many others now came out with some very interesting information.

Commercially produced pork has the same problems as beef thinking of added hormones, antibiotics and so on, which not so much of a news anymore.

What really turned me off completely when I read that pigs actually eat their own faeces and other animals, sometimes including humans. I’ve done some research and found other sources saying the same. The obvious problem with pigs acting like this that there is a lot of contamination occurs and this has effects on many levels.

I am not going into further detail about this topic, you can always do your own research and make your own decision weather you want to eat pork and products made from pork meat.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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