What does it mean to be healthy?

I have always believed that being healthy is absolutely vital. I am not alone in this opinion, it is also shared by other worldwide leaders in healthcare and even marketing and investment experts.  What does it mean to be healthy?

To me being healthy is having no aches or pains, sleeping full nights, being happy and a pure lack of any symptoms. During the last 11 years in which I have travelled a lot of Australia exhibiting at markets and exhibitions, I discovered that this definition is limited to a very small percentage of the population.

Also I found that as a group most only want to treat the symptom not the problem. This is why I try so hard to explain and educate about Magnesium and that it will work with all the body’s natural processes and simply put make you healthier. It can help with sleep, relax muscles this will help with cramps and restless legs, may help reduce stress and irritability, may help with symptoms of menopause and give your immune system a much needed boost.

Saying this Magnesium supplementation won’t resolve all the health issues, however having enough magnesium preferably on a daily basis will give a solid base for prevention and recovery.

Also last week I sent out an email about some high quality supplements which received great interest so again here are the links again.

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2

Nascent Iodine

Ionic Selenium

Olive Leaf

Prescript Biotics

D.I.P Daily Immune Protection

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