The Healthpoint Kit

Why people like Healthpoint

You may have heard acupuncture treatments have become very popular as an alternative way of helping with many health issues or you may even used it with a lot of success. If you have a lot of time and money for regular treatments it is a very good way.

It becomes a bit more difficult if you don’t have a practitioner nearby or with current travel restrictions. For this reason I would like to introduce Healthpoint that many  of my customers have used with success over the years.

This  little machine doesn’t use needles, instead stimulates the acupressure point. It comes with a manual that teaches you which acupressure points  you need to use for each specific issue, over 160 different kinds of health and pain conditions. Gives fast, safe and effective relief.

With the help of the manual and DVD you can quickly become an effective user of the device whether on yourself or a family member it is safe to use even on children.


Healthpoint Acupressure Machine  Allows You To Locate and Stimulate Acupuncture
Points Accurately. HealthPoint™ allows you to quickly become an expert at precisely
locating acupuncture points. With the aid of the comprehensive manual, it enables
you to easily help any condition that benefits from acupuncture. 

HealthPoint™ was developed over a period of 14 years by a leading pain control specialist.
It is designed to provide all the benefits of acupuncture without needles.

 May provide relief for eye issues, stress and anxiety, insomnia and a host of other problems - even bed-wetting in children.


The more you use HealthPoint™ the more effective it becomes. HealthPoint™ can provide an apparent
acceleration of tissue repair by stimulating the body’s own repair system.


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