Rapideze – The Natural Helper

Rapideze is a formula of oils selected with a purpose andhas been appreciated and loved by many who keep coming back.

Rapideze was created many years ago, with the guidance of a professional product formulator, whose knowledge and experience with Essential Oils in a highly regulated industry where specific knowledge was critical in the development of Rapideze, proved to be invaluable.

Rapideze needs to be treated with respect and it is vitally important to recognise that this formula is a result of high levels of expertise, knowledge, experience and demonstrated results.

It is important to clarify that Rapideze is not a cure, instead it is an effective helper that is pleasant to apply with its comforting aroma and can help in many areas when it is used externally. It is an excellent and potent reliever for a large variety of aches and pains and much more…

It is also fabulous for those, who don’t suffer from aches, rather are fatigued from lots of work, and want to keep going with a good spirit. Additionally, it is great in keeping mosquitos at bay, and it can be used on insect bites.

It is easy and hygienic to use for one person or for many people. By applying a couple of sprays to a sore spot (using enough to cover the area),with a quick rub or massage, it is easy to experience a rapid relief of pain. For fatigue Rapideze can be applied to the back of the neck and forehead during long hours of work or when driving.

It is economical - the 50ml bottle will last several months, the 125ml and 250ml (2 x 125ml) bottles will last for a year or more, depending on the number of people using them.

Recommended Rapideze Specials

Rapideze will not stain clothing. Make sure never rub into the eyes and never ingest. Always follow instructions.

Why doesn’t Rapideze contain Magnesium? There is no need for Magnesium in a pain relief blend.

As Magnesium is water based and Rapideze is oil based, water and oil do not mix naturally. To accomplish combining water and oil,solubilisers must be used, which reduces the portions and thus the strength and effectiveness.

Why isn’t Rapideze a cream or in a roll-on?

Using a sprayer is more hygienic than a cream that many fingers can go in to, or a roll-on that many people may use. A sprayer can be used by multiple people like family and friends without affecting the contents of the bottle, and the sprayer can also be wiped off and sanitised if you feel it’s necessary.

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