Pollution everywhere – what can I do?

120 years ago, we had a largely clean environment, we could even drink water from a stream. This has all changed and makes it very difficult to try to lead a clean and healthy life. Unless we choose to live in the Himalayas or some deep jungle (not much left) and maybe a few other remote places we got some problems.

Cities are full of poisonous air, which is not difficult to observe and there is nothing much we can do about it. Use transdermal magnesium (on the skin) and iodine every day and eat as healthy as you can. One good thing is in the cities organic food is more readily available.

Country is a different matter. I used to love to travel the countryside as there are still some spots where you can smell the flowers and the trees. But I also discovered that you must be very careful when you travel to areas with agriculture. Those areas are poisoned with harsh chemicals and many of the country folks are sicker than the city dwellers. Unless you find some designated organic growers mostly there is no organic food available. Makes things very difficult. These days I try to limit country travel, or I make sure that there is local organic supplier at my place of destination.

The next environment difficult to control is your office. If you work in an office, you will spend a large bulk of your time in there. Apart from the above mentioned personal remedies you could run a vaporizer with frankincense essential oil that helps to clean the air and creates a very pleasant mood. If you can there are some indoor plants that can help to clean the air and create a more friendly outlook.

At the end most people spend a lot of time at home. Probably your home is the easiest to make pollution free. I really enjoy being at home as I reduced pollution as much as possible. You can go to extremes like using furniture made of natural bamboo and dishes made of glass and stainless steel, but you can help by simply eliminating all chemicals from your environment.

Myself I use natural cleaners made with essential oils and natural minerals. My washing machine and dishwasher smell fresh and easy to breath. Instead of air fresheners I use essential oil vaporisers with different oils, especially frankincense that cleanses the air. I eat organic fruits and vegies; I use a lot of bamboo products and have indoor plants that help clean the air. Often, I prefer to stay inside as the air is cleaner.

You will find a lot of products on my website that can help you to deal with pollution.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys


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