One the most important elements of being healthy is food

Practically, the right kind of food is the base for good health.

Going back in history, Hypocrites established that "food is your medicine." I read this saying when I was in high school and I never could understand how this possibly could be the case. Surely eating deep-fried chips, fast food, sugar loaded cakes and schnitzels, etc. can't possibly be your medicine. Of course, I didn't do much research on what kind of food he was talking about or eating himself. Looking back, these days I definitely can verify the validity of that statement.

I was young, slim and healthy and looking at the old grandpas and grandmas who were heavy with weight, huge stomachs and looking really sick, I was wondering what happened to them. It was that era in the late seventies and eighties by the time the industrial revolution changed the world and the result wiped out most natural things. Chemicals and processed food were the fashion and the results showed up in the older generation.

There was no such thing as health food stores or organically grown food. Everybody ate the processed white table salt, sugar and bread backed with bleached white flower. I remember my grandparents were growing vegetables in their home garden and the chemical fertilizer was always a part of the process.

Fortunately, natural is back into our lives’ and now we need to unlearn the past 80 years and the teachings of the industrial revolution. 

We need to learn the natural lifestyle that humanity survived with for the past 15 thousand years.

To try to be natural and chemical free in today’s society is not easy, almost impossible. But we can try our best and it can be done mostly when you know how. We can try to live naturally and cultivate good health.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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