No wonder I was so confused for many years


I was always interested in healthy living and I always tried to do my best. The biggest problem was that often, I kept getting confused on the available health offers and choices and at the end, I was mostly sticking with the most popular things available. The seemingly ‘easy way' and very ‘yummy way.'

I remember when I tried to go gluten free, I hardly could find any food when I was out, and it was extremely difficult to try to eat in restaurants. I was healthy with no specific symptoms, so it was easier to give up trying. Nobody explained the importance of PREVENTION. The same happened when I become vegetarian and when I tried to eat organic food only.

I fell into the trap of the very typical way our society is looking at health. Not much attention given to prevention. Until something serious happens "The way things are will do just fine."

Once I decided to go ‘natural’ I dived into it full on. I have been searching and researching 7 days a week. I researched about allopathic medications, doctors and treatments and about holistic medicine and treatments. Diets, exercise, meditation and practically about every single thing that is needed to maintain or rebuild good health. I even changed my belief system and that helped me on the core levels.

I wanted to know the reason why so many people are sick today and why so many suffer from chronic illness and I wanted to know what people had to do to get healthy again.

I can say that in all the work, the research and many sleepless nights was worth it. Today, I am a totally different person. I see the world as it is. I no longer fall for the lies.

In the process I also started studying qigong and become a qigong instructor that gave me an opportunity to learn things on a deeper level.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy and healing exercise that in China many people use for medicinal purposes.

If you look at life around you, whether you live in a city or in the country you will find that currently there is a lot of confusion about food and medicine. Everybody seems to have a solution for something and if you tried everything on offer this would probably lead to more confusion.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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