How to get started? – Part One

Starting is the hardest thing and it looks like a daunting project.

Just like with everything else it is better to start one step at a time. It helps if you know what to do.

We don’t want to treat our body looking at the symptoms, we already saw what the result of allopathic medicine is where each organ has a separate department and expert and you mostly get the symptoms treated with synthetic chemical medications riddled with side effects.

The news is that the body is one complex system and if we want to keep or restore balance, we need to treat it as a whole. That is where the expression of holistic medicine comes from.

Every organ and its functionality are closely related and effected by a few major factors.

For now, we will only consider the influencers that we can control.

These are:




 Physical movement

Emotions need to be in balance. Stress and anxiety can result in major health problems. In any case it is better to feel good rather than feel terrible. This statement may sound benign but talking to hundreds of people every week, you wouldn’t believe how messed up people can be.

Emotional problems can be addressed and sorted. We offer exercises and supplements that can help.

When it comes to food you may have heard the famous quote ‘food is your medicine’. For years I was very cynical about this statement. Oh yes, how a sugar loaded deep fried doughnut can be my medicine. Then I realized that one of those doughnuts can’t be my medicine and I must cut it from my list.

Drinks are the same, it is critical what we drink and sugar-loaded soft drinks or even diet drinks are not on the list.

Physical movement is vital, but you will get different results if you go to the gym or practice yoga or qigong. The scale is not tilting towards the gym. Your body needs harmony and balance and you will get better results from exercises that people practiced for thousands of years.

In the coming articles I will go into a lot more detail where you can learn and start implementing changes.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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