Refresh Essential Oil Blend 15ml

Refresh Essential Oil Blend 15ml

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This refreshing blend of essential oils, the selected oils are believed to have many therapeutic benefits.

Used in aromatherapy the oils may help to fight odours, purify the air, balance emotions, relieve stress, help with sleep and can be useful during the cold and flu season.

Refresh’s sweet, fresh aroma can give an energizing or calming effect (depending on the individual).

Particularly effective in eliminating bad odours (pet, tobacco, bathroom etc.) it also will purify the air, clear the mind, aid the release of serotonin and dopamine (the happiness hormones).

Applied topically in a carrier oil it may help with skin repair, slow or prevent hair loss,  long lasting deodorant and boost circulation.

In a diffuser 5-6 drops is sufficient, or try our diffuser pods.

For use topically always dilute with a carrier oil i.e Jojoba Oil, with this blend 5% of Refresh is the strongest suggested amount.

Contains Lemongrass, Patchouli and Lime essential oils.

Contains no petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances. No animal testing.

No therapeutic claim is made or intended for this product.  Information is for educational purposes only.

Use only as directed.  If irritation occurs discontinue use.


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