Which path to choose?

If you follow the standard or so-called ‘normal' living, you very likely will end up with some kind of chronic disease, being on medications for the rest of your life riddled with scary side effects. Your life will be full of pain, suffering and fear. This life is easy and enjoyable for a while as the body can take a lot of abuse for many years. Eventually in most cases this eat all, do all lifestyle turns into a nightmare and a very sad and lonely end. There will be nobody who can suffer your pain and feel your fears, not even your loved ones. You will be on your own and you may even regret that you didn't choose the natural path.

If you have a chance, go and visit an old age home and have a chat with some of the elderly there. Find out what is their problem, what medication they are on and for how long. How do they feel emotionally and physically?

A visit like this is can be an eye opener. Of course, there are always exceptions, but we are talking about a large percentage of the older people who are still alive.

Out of curiosity have you noticed that most people over seventy are slim?

On the other side there is a very different life. You will be up for a lot of learning.

If you choose the healthy natural path, firstly, you will experience a difficult time having to say no to all the things that you got used to. You will have to be strong to stand up for yourself, when others ridicule you. It will be hard to socialize as it won't be easy to find the right food to eat and you will need to make a special effort to find places where you can buy the right food and drinks. Mostly, you must cook at home and must take your food and drinks with you wherever you go.

It happened to me many times that I was cursing that we were taught to live and eat the wrong way and how hard it is to change. Try to live the correct way seems to be a sacrifice and giving up our favorite things. It seems like going against the flow.

You may want to know that it is not you who is giving up many things, but everybody else who is continuing with the ‘synthetic lifestyle’ is doing it wrong and sooner or later, they will have to pay a very painful price. Multitudes are already suffering the incurable chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, depression, auto-immune diseases, cancer, etc.

Once you get used to the new healthy life you choose, it will get easier as you will develop new habits and you will no longer miss the old chemical and GMO loaded poisonous food. In fact, you will start viewing your old habits and the food you used to eat as poisons. You will start wondering why you didn't hear about this information sooner and what is wrong with society to start with, that you were taught lies since birth.

You will find new friends who agree with you and you may even choose to teach others.

You will be happy, joyful and will enjoy perfect health or will be on the way to recovery. You will not suffer from medication side effects, pain and fear if you learn to live the right way. You will be content and will not have the fear of not being able to look after yourself when you get old.

You will enjoy a fulfilled and peaceful life even in the turmoil that the world is going through now. You will know your place within society and you will know how to react to others who are less fortunate then you are, as they didn't have enough personal power to go against the norm that is "slowly but surely killing off humanity" Dr. John Bergman.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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