Meat – If you would know…

Another area where there is a lot of confusion.

I tried many different diets over the years even being a vegetarian as I HEARD SO MANY THINGS BUT I DIDN’T KNOW.

In 2011 I met someone who has in my opinion got his head right and things he talks about are either proven or it makes sense. I asked him about meat.

He explained that originally when we were at our full capacity as a human and lived in a pristine beautiful and peaceful environment, we simply didn’t need to eat meat.

As time went on and the environment got more and more polluted, we got to the point that eating some meat become vital.

Today I eat meat as a condiment. There is more information available on this topic from Dr John Bergman: “Foods that heal, foods that kill” video on Youtube.

There is a very important condition when we eat a little meat. It is essential to eat organic or grass-fed meat or poultry.

“Factory-Farmed Meat

Essentially, you are what they eat, and if the livestock that you’re grilling up for supper is fed hormones, drugs and an unnatural diet grown using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, well, that’s not good news for you, either.

Here are concerning findings:

  • A 2012 study looking at feather testing detected banned antibiotics, allergy medications, painkillers and even depression meds like Prozac in chickens
  • Feeding poultry arsenic has resulted in higher levels of toxic arsenic in humans
  • About 30 million pounds of antibiotics are sold for use in farm animals annually

Better option: My recommendation is that you always purchase meat from a trusted local source. Get to know your food growers and ranchers. It’s worthwhile to become familiar with how your food is sourced and prepared. Ask the farmer if the animals are grass-fed and how they deal with sickness. (For example, if they use drugs preventatively or only if the animal is at risk of dying.) If you’re looking for poultry, the gold standard is raised on rotated green pastures and supplemented with organic feed.” Dr Axe

When it comes to fish, the healthiest is sustainably fished sardines and wild caught fish. Today we don't recommend large fish due to the ocean water pollution. Stay away from farmed fish as they are largely grain fed and they use chemicals and anti-biotics. 


“ ‘Atlantic’ Salmon + Other Farmed Fish Like Tilapia

Another health food you should never eat: Farmed fish. And in fact, eating tilapia is worse than eating bacon in some ways. Be sure to avoid farmed salmon, too. It’s often called ‘Atlantic’ salmon or just salmon.

Here are other reasons inflammation-boosting farmed salmon needs to be a fish you should never eat:

  • An October 2016 study found omega-3 levels in farmed salmon are rapidly dropping and are half of what they were five years ago. Part of the reason for the nutrient loss is salmon farm feed contains less ground anchovy content.
  • University of New York at Albany researchers found dioxin levels in farm-raised salmon to be 11 times higher than those in wild salmon. The environmental pollutants are linked to cancer, organ damage and immune system dysfunction.
  • A 2011 study published in PLoS One found mice-eating farmed salmon actually showed weight gain and an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes symptoms.  The risk comes from the persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, that tend to be high in farmed salmon.
  • A 2011 Food and Water Watch aquaculture report highlighted some concerning statistics. Hundreds of thousands of farmed fish escape into the wild. These fish are often carrying “super lice” parasitic hitchhikers that even the harshest chemicals no longer kill. Some even carry other diseases that can debilitate nearby wild fish populations. Farmed salmon have also been treated with banned pesticides, another serious toxicity concern.
  • It takes about 2½ to 4 pounds of other fish to create the salmon chow needed to produce 1 pound of farm-raised salmon. The overfishing of wild sardines, anchovies, mackerel, herring and other fish upset natural ecosystems.
  • In November 2015, the Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of genetically engineered salmon and will not require any labelling, leaving consumers in the dark. It was approved despite findings the GMO salmon doesn’t actually grow as fast as its creator claims.

Better option: Alaskan wild-caught salmon, Pacific sardines, Atlantic mackerel.” Dr Axe

The only time meat is not recommended at all when you are in a recovery stage from illness. Once you are back to being healthy, eating meat once a week is ideal.

If you eat fish, it is ok to have a little every day.

I mostly eat lamb, turkey, chicken, Atlantic salmon that is wild caught, sardines, Spanish Mackerel and anchovies. 

I never eat pork and I will write about pork in the next article.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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