Get out of the maze?


I don't blame you if you feel confused and lost in ‘the matrix maze’, the way I call the thousands of products, services, treatments, herbs and foods, etc. that all supposed to be good for you. I know the feeling as I was there once being very frustrated with all the miracle new things being pushed toward me and not knowing what to except and what to leave alone. I wasted a ton of money trying useless and even dangerous products that I thought were good for me, just because somebody recommended them, and I was told to try it.

Then there were the lifestyle questions. Shall I eat organic or not, gluten or gluten free, sugar or no sugar, full-fat, low-fat or fat-free products, eat meat or be a vegetarian, maybe vegan, eat dairy or not and in any case what to substitute things with, etc.?

According to Dr. John Bergman, we live in the dark ages of medicine and nutrition. We have the sickest society in the history of humanity, and this is in despite of all the goodies we have access to.

Historically, the black plague was the worst ever disease recorded and according to the records 30% of the European population perished. Today 80% of the population is slowly dying from chronic illness. 50% of the children are suffering from adult illnesses and this is getting worse.

So, what is happening and what went so wrong?

I could refer you to hundreds of books, research and scientific studies that explain clearly what is happening. But for now, lets just put it into very basic and simple terms.

One of the main reasons for disease today, comes from eating the wrong food and trying to correct things with vaccinations and synthetic chemical medications. Basically, covering up the symptoms.

In the following articles I will share knowledge with you that comes from the right sources. In fact, whenever I hear about some information that is worthwhile of researching, I always cross reference it with proven sources I know I can rely on.

I recommend putting the information provided to the test and see how it works for you.

Once you have enough knowledge you can view the “matrix maze” from the outside and you will perfectly understand what you can use or what is bad for you.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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