50% of children are Autistic?

Today, we not only have the sickest adults in history, but now we have the sickest children.

Why is this epidemic happening in the age of science?

Don’t have to go very far.

When next time you go to a restaurant, have a look at the menu for children.

You will find deep friend food, chips and baby burgers to wash it down with a high sugar content soft drink. This kind of food is the treat for our children. If they deserve a reward, let’s take them to McDonalds.

Children are little human beings and they have the same body composition as adults. In fact their body is more fragile and more sensitive. Feeding them with highly processed food, saturated fats and sugars just won’t cut it.

They need natural organic food, natural juices and plenty of water.

Magnesium deficiency is a major contributor to Autism. As there is not enough magnesium in the food, children need Magnesium spray just like adults.

I speak with many families and most of their children have some kind of health problem.

Please, reconsider the food you give to your children and grandchildren... and don’t forget the magnesium. https://rapideze.com/blogs/news/transdermal-magnesium

Until next time, have a great day...



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