Sugar equal Sugar

What I found over the years that there are some very basic principles that everybody must stick with to stay healthy. When it comes to individuals and their illnesses there are so many options and solutions that it is easy to get lost and not know the right thing for you.

However, you will not find one single health care practitioner with true knowledge who will approve eating processed white sugar in any form or shape. Yet today most of the processed food readily available contains sugar.

White processed table sugar is poison, very acidic and one huge contributor to chronic illness.

Artificial sweeteners are worse than white sugar; they are neuro-toxins. Diet sodas are worse than the sugar loaded ones.

Stop now, don’t wait until you start getting symptoms.

You can easily substitute for sugar by using organic raw sugar or coconut sugar. Lately, I use coconut nectar that is a relatively low GI. I also use Stevia.

Most people who know about natural health know that it takes 5 days to lose the sugar craving. If you go cold turkey and give up white sugar and every kind of processed food that contains sugar, on the sixth day you will start feeling better and you will discover that organic fruits and vegies taste really good.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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