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The idea to create Stresseze Lotion came from the concept of a perfume for teenagers who used to dab Pure Essential Oils directly on their arms, not knowing the outcome of applying Essential Oils neat on the skin. This is a practice that might seem to be traditional and even admirable, showing an effort toward using natural products. Industry experts are aware that specific pure oils are simply not advised to be used on the skin due to their potent nature and with certain skin sensitivities and allergies there is a chance of a reaction.

When Stresseze Lotion was released, it had a warm welcome and quickly became one our premium blends. In fact, it was so popular that due to multiple customer requests now it is also available in a bigger bottle. It is far gone from the perfume concept, in fact most of our patrons are men and very happy to use Stresseze Lotion in their daily lives.

Most popular uses are helping with stress relief, better sleep and clearing sinuses.

The beautiful aroma is a bonus and yes, many ladies and girls love to have a little dab behind the ears.  In addition, Stresseze Lotion has the promise to take you to a place of peace and contentment providing the benefits of the 11 Essential Oils presented in a beautiful carrier oil with purpose.

When sprayed on the back of the neck, you can sense the aroma almost instantly and you begin to feel the relaxation and calming effect quickly.

Sprayed on the soles of the feet Stresseze Lotion can help aid in a better night’s sleep. The oils work with the reflexology points. It is not necessary to know the specific points though, just apply a spray or two and spread it to cover the bottom of the foot.

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Customers kept returning to purchase Stresseze Lotion and the stories were incredible - positive and somewhat surprising uses were unveiled. One of our customers mentioned that by spraying it on his hands and then cupping his nose it helped to relieve sinus, another customer said she uses it in her diffuser at work being a school councillor.

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