Did you know a gallbladder won’t grow back?

You may wonder what a gallbladder has to do with natural good health.

Although the gallbladder is a very small organ, it has a very important part in braking down fats.

I recently noticed that according to doctors if the gallbladder giving people trouble, they recommend to simply remove it.


With the right kind of diet gallbladder problems can be avoided and gallstones eliminated naturally.

One of clients went for a chiropractic treatment and from the xrays, the chiropractor discovered that she had gallstones. Although it wasn’t giving her trouble the best course of action was to get rid of the gallstones and not the gallbladder.

She went on a special diet and some herbal medicine and in 3 months the gallstones were gone.

Very few people know that after the removal of the gallbladder, the patient has to stay on a very restrictive diet for the rest of his/her lifespan.

A missing gallbladder causes all sorts of trouble as there is no longer natural balance within the body. It is possible to manage but with a lot of difficulty.

It is much simpler to prevent gallstones or eliminate them naturally.

Make sure to get and x-ray done to check if you have gallstones, so can avoid a lot of pain and trouble.

You can always ask us what to do, we can point you into the right directions. APHhelp@gmail.com

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