15 Thousand years old essential oils

15 Thousand years old essential oils

Most people have heard of essential oils and the most popular use is in burners, evaporator and ionisers, candles and natural perfumes (not synthetic man made perfumes).

Very few people know, that essential oils have been used as medicine for around 15 thousand years by the ancient Sumerians. From here the knowledge continued to Ayurvedic medicine and eventually spread all over the world.

Essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the oils in the plants. Only one drop of oils can contain the power of multiple plants. Once the plants are distilled with steam (best method) the oils contain the smell and the medicinal and therapeutic characteristics of the plant.

The most popular use is aromatherapy but it is becoming popular to use essential oils over the skin.

In this article I will expand on the transdermal (on the skin) use of essential oils.

It is very important to note, that essential oils never should be used on the skin by themselves due to their strength. Using the essential oil on the skin can cause skin irritation and skin damage. It is only safe to use blends made by experts, unless you know what you are doing.

It is also vital to use pure, high quality essential oils that have been derived by steaming process.


All essential oils have different medicinal and therapeutic qualities and mostly the benefits are multiple.

For example one of the most well-know essential oils is lavender and it is liked by most people. I have some customers who clearly don’t like lavender, but they try another oil with similar qualities like frankincense.

Going back to lavender, here are some of the medicinal qualities: Induces sleep, helps with insomnia, relieves stress and anxiety, helpful with depression, improves circulation, aids digestion, relieves muscle and joint pain, and much more.

Word of caution: Always check if an essential oil suitable when pregnant and breastfeeding.

Using essential oils as remedy is rather different to using chemical medications. While medications treat symptoms, essential oil work in perfect harmony with the body and help the body’s natural healing processes.

Very few people realise these days that the body has a complete self healing mechanism.

Think about it, when you cut your finger while making dinner. You practically don’t need to do much (unless you cut your finger off) and the little wound will repair itself. I put some tree tea oil on when I cut my finger.

The same thing happens internally. When you have pain, something causes that pain and the body wants to repair or heal itself. When you use essential oils this natural healing process speeds up. I only recommend to use oils for medicinal purpose after expert advice.

The most popular areas to use essential oil blends are for stress, better sleep, more energy and pain relief.

Today I would like to explain about our essential oil blend, RAPIDEZE.

The RAPIDEZE blend has been created by an essential oil expert and it is a very special formula. It is super powerful and at the same time it is very safe to use it for external, on the skin applications (not for wounds or not for internal use).

It is fast acting and the more use it the better it gets. There is some heat generated on the application but this heat is only to help absorption. You will find the heat dissipates quickly and the oils start doing their helping work.

RAPIDEZE was introduced around 3 years ago and today we have thousands of customers all over the world who keep coming back. Many people use RAPIDEZE for accidental or acute pain and also for chronic pain. Many introduce it to their family and friends with great confidence.

Today we have a very special offer for you that we never had before.

By  popular demand we created a Travel Pack that will last for a long time and you can purchase this awesome product for less than wholesale price.

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