Years of hard work and study

The 9 years went fast and gave me an opportunity to learn about a fascinating industry, which is natural health. The interesting part that this industry is dominated by greed and deception just like any other industry.

You would think that people wanting good for themselves and wanting to help others may stick together. Sadly this is not the case.

For most the number one motivator is money and they join this industry as it is emerging and seem to attract more and more interest; so there is a lot of money to be made. I have all respect for members of this arena who do it genuinely out of love and they follow what they teach in their own life.

When formulators introduce a new product that becomes successful it is very likely to be copied by someone else, who wants to ride the second wave. There is no respect but ruthless drive to make money.

Saying this I experienced the ugly side of this industry personally and it is not a commendable phenomenon.

Putting all this aside, I myself follow what I teach and I make my products genuinely clean and try to stay away from the herd.

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful person a few years ago, who is a very knowledgeable formulator and an expert in natural products. He helped me to create the basis for our new product range, which we now have improved on but keeping the basic formula intact.

These products becoming very popular as we guarantee that we don’t use any chemicals and only use the purest natural and organic ingredients.

We have been promoting these products in Trade Shows, Field Days, Expos, Shopping Centers and local markets. Everybody has an opportunity to try these products at these events and as such we (our team) have an opportunity to learn about a lot of health problems people are experiencing today.

It is scary how many people are sick and the kind of problems they have. One just wouldn’t think when looking at a large crowd. However when we talk to the individuals all the problems get into the open.

We have been involved in this opportunity for many years and out of genuine interest we started searching for natural solutions. Learning from doctors who prefer chemical free treatments, from natural practitioners and health instructors and of course doing a lot of studying. For example several of our team members including myself became Qigong instructors in order to learn more about the body’s functionality and how to be bale to keep good health naturally.

Qigong not only teaches us exercises, correct breathing and meditation, but also includes nutrition and a way of correct living.

In my following articles I will write all about the different methods and techniques that can help to live a contented and healthy life in a very confused world.

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