Why can’t you stay healthy without minerals?

It is very trendy to go a Chemist in pick up a multi vitamin. A tablet a day and it is all good.


Multi vitamins are very heavily advertised, yet if you do your research you will discover that most of the commercial brands are manmade, synthetic and they contain fillers, preservatives and a lot of other things that I never would want to put into my body.

My verdict is that if you are serious about your health avoid those and do your research on them, so you can see it for yourself.

We don’t really need to take extra vitamins as we get them from our organic fruits and veggies. Occasionally if needed it is a good idea to supplement plant based vitamin C and organic vitamin D.

Many of the vitamins are made by our own body, unless...

We are mineral deficient!

Did you know, that unless your body has perfect mineral balance your body can’t manufacture or absorb vitamins and nutrients.

You simply can’t stay healthy in the long term and sooner or later you will end up with some kind of chronic illness?

I will explain what you can do to remedy this problem in my next email. Stay tuned!

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