Why Stresseze Lotion became more sought after?

Since its release in early 2018, Stresseze Lotion became very popular very quickly. Starting out as an idea for a natural perfume, it evolved into a complimentary product to our range and then become a very important part of it.

Stresseze Lotion is a natural oil blend with carrier oils that can safely  be applied onto the skin without any extra dilution and help to create a relaxing and unwinding atmosphere whether you are out with friends or spending time with loved ones.

We always received feedback that was appreciated, and received lots of feedback on the benefits while they were using the Stresseze Lotion. This formula of 11 essential oils did seem to do a lot more than be a pleasant aroma. People reported better sleep, it was being used as an air freshener and was being used on their children during exam time to help with studies.

We originally created the 50ml size, due to the idea that it was a complimentary product it was only made in the 50ml size. More recently people have begun asking for a bigger size, and as those requests rose in frequency....well you asked and we listened.

The 125ml Stresseze is here.

The same beautiful aroma, the same benefits but in a bigger quantity.



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