What do I do, I am so confused?


At the request of many of our customers we decided to start a series of articles that can help to put a bit more sense into the confusion that many of our customers complain about. It is a perfectly fair observation from people who are interested in natural things.

There are so many things on offer and unless you spend a lot of time with studying and researching it is very difficult to decide what is actually good for you.

With our Achieve Peak Health team we have many years of experience in the natural health area and would like to offer some guidance. We also have a qigong instructor on board, and she can help you with questions you may not have even thought about.

Firstly, there are some major physical elements to life that no matter who you are, as long as you are a human being you will be governed by and these laws simply can’t be ignored. We all need oxygen, food, water and sleep to survive. Of course, the list is much bigger than this, but I am trying to make a point.

When you follow some basic principles, it will be much easier to identify what is right for you.

Secondly, every single human being is an individual with a body that is constantly changing. What worked today, may not work tomorrow. This is the hard bit. We need to develop a physical and emotional intelligence to recognize the changes, know the whys and then know what to do about it.

This is where we would like to help.

If you would like to learn, please follow our articles and we expect you to give us feedback and ask questions. You can even request a topic you would like to hear about.

Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys

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