There are still large queues at fast food outlets


One of my friends recently ended up in hospital after a major health scare, which was a wakeup call for him. After the incident he decided to focus his life on a natural healthy lifestyle to try to repair the damage that had been done over the years.

He decided to skip synthetic medications and stop eating unhealthy processed food full of trans fats, white sugar, white table salt, drinking tap water and food loaded with GMO. Ironically this is exactly the type of food that was offered to him and all other patients in the hospital.

He said when he asked for gluten free breakfast, he was provided a corn-based breakfast cereal loaded with processed white sugar. He was disgusted seeing the poisonous food that was fed to hospital patients and when he asked for healthy food, they had no idea what that was. What a horrible example for people who just suffered a major illness or even for ongoing patients.

Nothing to show respect to the human body. If you don’t know any better, you will accept this being a good thing for you. It tastes yummy but please understand it is not good for you. 

If the hospital can’t offer healthy food what can you expect from the highly popular fast food chains?

There is a video available on Youtube that I recommend for viewing if you are still a regular customer with fast food chains and especially if you take your children there.

Super Size Me is a 2004 American documentary film directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock.

There is another movie that is exposing healthy looking food that comes under the label no fat, yet it is loaded with sugar.

That Sugar Film is a 2014 Australian documentary directed by and starring Damon Gameau. The film looks at the hidden sugar in foods and the effect it can have on the human body.

There are many more films available today exposing the food industry. I am talking about food and vegetables you are buying in your local supermarket.

There is a lot of information available regarding research how food manufacturers employ scientists to come up with extremely tasty and addictive flavors that they add to junk food, so you get addicted and keep eating them. 

The good news is that most supermarkets today offer a reasonable choice of organic food. I find Woolworth’s Macro range good and you can always give a visit to your local health food store.

Some people argue the higher cost, but maybe make some calculation to realise how much more chronic illness cost, especially when it is affecting your life and work.


Until next… have a great day

Chris de Brueys


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