Restless Legs

Hello Everyone,

Restless legs are a real problem and a lot of people we speak with seem to have restless legs.

The good news is that this horrible problem can be fixed without chemical medications. Restless legs can be very disturbing, and it can completely interrupt sleep patterns.

Due to lack of movement there is lack of dopamine production in the brain and this causes uncontrollable shakes.

The solution is simpler than you think. All you need to do is go for 30 minutes exercise (movement produces dopamine) preferably before going to bed and use plenty of Magnesium Spray. Please don’t try to fix restless legs with magnesium tablets or magnesium powders, it simply won’t work. Internally all you can get is around 6-10% of the magnesium you need. That is just not enough considering a stressful lifestyle, eating processed food, drinking alcohol, sweating, exercising, taking prescribed drugs, etc.

When you use the Magnesium Spray, spray it on your legs where you have the restlessness and spray 4 sprays twice a day anywhere on your trunk. If you have any painful areas on your trunk, like your neck or maybe the lower back, spray the 4 sprays in that area twice a day. Please also note that you need to do this every single day.

The body doesn’t store magnesium and we need to replenish every single day.

Put the Magnesium Spray bottle next to your tooth brush so you don’t forget to use it…that is if you brush.

Magnesium used to be in the food 100 years ago, but due to soil depletion and food processing we don’t get enough, and it is crucial to supplement daily on the skin and not trying to take it internally.

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