Stresseze Pack

Stresseze Pack

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The Stresseze Lotion is a beautiful, invigorating, relaxing and uplifting 100% pure, natural and concentrated formula ready to use on the skin. It is a 50 ml spray bottle. It has a surprising fragrance with a citrus impression that lingers into a spicy note.

Just enjoying the fragrance is simply relaxing, but when you apply it onto the neck, forehead and the temple you will experience an invigorating effect.

Within minutes it will lift and empower. You can also try it on the soles of your feet before bedtime. With regular use it has accumulating effect. 100% FREE of chemicals. Australian made.

When you use the Magnesium Spray together with the Stresseze lotion, you will enhance the stress relieving effects. Magnesium is known to help with stress, anxiety, mood disorders, depression and irritability. Both The Stresseze Lotion and the Magnesium Spray absorbs thought the skin, just like a moisturizer giving powerful help.

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