Therapy Shower Deluxe Head Lemon

Therapy Shower Deluxe Head Lemon

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While you shower you are being doused with chlorine and bacteria filled water.  These contaminants are responsible for causing dryness and irritation of the skin and hair while killing the good bacteria on your body.

The Therapy Shower Deluxe shower head filter uses a potent mix of vitamin C and collagen to get rid of chlorine, rust and sediments. Treat your skin to clean and safe water.

Showering in warm water makes skin absorption faster and easier. And small amounts of chlorine can pass through the skin barrier and into the bloodstream. The body is good at expelling harmful chemicals however repeated exposure to high levels of chlorine through showering can compromise health.
Vitamin C is kwown to interact with chlorine by consuming it.

With  the Therapy Shower Deluxe Lemon will make showering feel like a luxurious experience.

Our shower water filter also produces roughly 250,000ea negative ions – that’s 50 times more than your average waterfall – which has a remarkable effect on the body. Found in nature, particularly near bodies of moving water, negative ions have a purifying effect on the air by clearing away airborne allergens. They also neutralise free radicals and promote cell metabolism. Feel revitalised every time you shower.

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